I would eat an antipasto platter in place of a main meal, any day of the week! You can mix and match so many delicious flavours and have a lot of fun creating it all. Unfortunately I have had to forfeit some of my fave cured meats like salami and marinated olives as they almost always contain onion and garlic but I haven’t lost the passion for platters! Actually quite the opposite. It has made me search for tummy friendly alternatives and with decadent cheeses, fresh dips and crackers still on the cards how can I be unhappy?

This summer I’ve really hit my stride in the antipasto game so I guarantee you’re all going to want to try this winning combo!

THE SHOPPING LIST (Products listed are fructose free, nut free, wheat and gluten free)

  • 3 cheeses of your choice: I go for blue cheese, mersey valley cheddar AND my current addiction… D’affinois! If you haven’t tried it, it’s similar to brie but the creaminess is unlike any other
  • Prosciutto
  • Mount zero Kalamata olives
  • Always fresh whole roasted peppers
  • Woolworths sundried tomato halves: Turns out I prefer these to traditional deli sundried tomatoes!
  • Carman’s super seed and grain crackers: Rosemary and sea salt are so good
  • Mary’s gone crackers organic and real thin crackers
  • A bunch of dutch carrots
  • 2 x zucchinis: Cut up and put in a grill pan with a little bit of olive oil on medium heat . Cook until lightly charred on each side
  • A bunch of red grapes
  • A bunch of Basil: For decoration
  • Passionfruits


It can be overwhelming trying to find fructose friendly antipasto ingredients but they do exist. Just make sure you’re always reading the labels and check with your deli if you are unsure of ingredients. Now grab some friends, a bottle of wine and tuck into this lavish spread!

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