Kicked off the first day in Europe with some serious jet lag and a blaring body-clock alarm, waking me up at 5am. Considering we couldn’t sleep even if we wanted to, we decided to put on our walking shoes and make the most of our short time in Amsterdam. Exploring at that time of day was so peaceful and felt like we were the only ones walking the canals.

As I’m sure you’ve all gathered, I love a good cafe, so with some recommendations from more seasoned travellers we know, we headed to “Bakers and Roasters” before wandering through Vondelpark. Our first of many European parks and damn it was pretty! After hours of being cooped up on a plane, the fresh air and greenery was just what we needed. It was buzzing with exercise groups, picnic go-ers and bike riders that only narrowly avoided colliding with us!

We roamed “the nine streets”, an area with the best shopping and most insta-worthy canals, ate our fair share of dutch pancakes and 40,000 steps later – we’d clocked Amsterdam.


Bakers and Roasters

8am on a sunday and the place was buzzing. There was a short wait for a table before we were served by an English woman who asked me if I had any allergies before I had a chance to reel them off! She was super attentive and went through the all of the ingredients on the breakfast menu with me. I went for the “vege breakkie” which had two free range eggs, grilled halloumi, avocado, breakfast potatoes and homemade chilli jam. Took the bread off as they couldn’t guarantee it was made in a nut – free environment and the creamy mushrooms contained garlic so I got extra pototoes instead… no complaints here. The coffee was average but hey I’m a Melbourne coffee snob. Next time I’d try the “boozy milkshake” menu!

Pancakes Amsterdam

It wouldn’t be a trip to Holland without pancakes so we made it our mission to find the best ones! We stumbled across “Pancakes” whilst shopping and considering they were confident enough to call it for what it was, we thought they must be pretty good. They had a whole vegan, dairy free and gluten free menu and plenty of nut-free topping options. I ordered the GF pancakes with strawberries and fairtrade chocolate sauce.


  • If you’re keen on decoding the menu everywhere you go, the most simple meal option I found was steak and veggies. It’s on the menu at any pub!
  • We stayed in a beautiful little Airbnb with a fridge so we could buy yoghurt and fruit from the supermarket to snack on

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