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I would eat an antipasto platter in place of a main meal, any day of the week! You can mix and match so many delicious flavours and have a lot of fun creating it all. Unfortunately I have had to forfeit some of my fave cured meats like salami and marinated olives as they almost […]


Usually my choice of dip would be hummus or tzatziki but now this pumpkin dip is completely the trio. It literally taste good with anything! I serve it with veggie sticks and crackers mostly but if you’re feeling adventurous try it on toast with a bit of crumbled feta… ah-mazing. INGREDIENTS 1/2 a butternut pumpkin […]


Aaaand another sign of my olive obsession emerges. Wanted to try something different to add to the antipasto platter rotation so I came up with this super quick recipe. This tapenade is the perfect combination of salty and tangy, you will want to lather it on everything! INGREDIENTS 1 Cup of pitted kalamata olives 1 […]


Traditional pesto is one of those things that I know I would really enjoy but it always has some form of nuts in it. Every time I have accidentally eaten it, I’ve almost felt the reaction was worth it! (not really). Anyway I had a play around with nut-free alternative for you guys and I […]


Last month I hit the quarter century! Celebrating my 25th with my friends at home was one of my best birthdays yet.  The guest list consisted of 15 of my closest sistas so it seemed right to go a little extra with my theme and menu! What started as a garden picnic in my backyard […]


There is something very “palm springs in the 70’s” about the way I have presented this dish but I kind of like it. Still yet to meet anyone who isn’t a fan of the humble avocado so why not try out my version of guac next time you’re entertaining? INGREDIENTS 3 x Ripe avocados 1 […]


It’s no secret that the greek salad trumps every other salad for me. I have always been obsessed with olives… if they are in my sight, they’ll be finished in seconds! This said, any excuse to add them to my food and I’ll take it. My version of this fresh, crunchy, Mediterranean salad is a […]


Over the years I have made so many variations of these little quiche. As long as you have the base right you can add pretty much any extras you like! This particular recipe was one I made for my 25th birthday where some of my friends were vegetarians so I chose to keep it very […]


I can thank my mum for this tasty recipe! We both love roast vegetables but come summer time we often don’t feel like hot food so this veggie salad was born. Served cold with fresh baby spinach tossed throughout, it’s a more filling option to its lighter lettuce based counterpart. INGREDIENTS 2 x Carrots 2 […]