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After visiting Greece two years ago, my love affair with this country and it’s amazing food begun! I was reminiscing the other day and decided to make a youknowchlo version of the classic Greek lamb wrap. Who cares about garlic and onion, you can still pack so much flavour into Greek food with herbs, fresh […]


This is my absolute go-to dressing. Super easy, super tangy and works with pretty much any salad combination! You can make it in a big batch and pop it in a jar in the fridge or you can get yourself some mini dressing containers and portion it out per serve for when you’re racing out […]


After a freezing day out in the elements watching the local footy finals, a good happy hour and some snacks were in order! We wandered into Bang bang with hot chips on our minds but the tasty menu options stretched way beyond that. Its interior has a tropical vibe with indoor plants and palm leaf […]


Created by the same team as popular cafes “Left field” and “Plain sailing” there was plenty of hype about this new kid on the block. With wait lists of at least 20 mins at any given time on a busy weekend, my first visit was a highly anticipated one.  There is a lot jammed into […]


I have recently found out that I have SIBO! After reading the very restricted and uninspiring diet plan, I was determined to come up with some tasty recipes so I can still enjoy food while letting my gut heal. This soup is the first instalment of many more recipes for my SIBO fam to keep […]


I often spend my weekends trialling the new, trendy spots to hit the café scene so I have to be on my allergy “A game”. As I’m anaphylactic to nuts and have the added challenge of fructose malabsorption, I am one of those time consuming customers that most waiters would dread on a busy weekend. […]


For most people, eating out is a fun and relaxing experience but for people like me it can be quite daunting. No matter how diligent we are at informing cafes of our allergies, there comes a point where you have to hand over some control to the café. Trusting that they will take your request […]


Just when I thought winter was finally coming to an end, Melbourne decided to hit us with max temps of 10 degrees and a thunderstorm over the weekend! Safe to say I was not keen on venturing out of the house so I decided to make something to defrost and nourish my body. This minestrone […]


Whenever I pick up a café menu, I automatically skip past all of the sweet brekkie options and head to my menu comfort zone – “the savouries”. Muesli, pancakes and waffles never work for my stomach when eating out, but the one forbidden food I break my rule for is Granola. I’m happy to tell […]