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Finding out you have allergies and/or intolerances is like starting a new job. A bit daunting at first and you get nervous heading into the office (the supermarket in our case), but once you’re all trained up, you are comfortable and capable to be left on your own. Food shopping for us ‘allergy adults’ is […]


The Groundskeeper is on of the many new cafes popping up in my local area. I’ve been there twice now and have had quite different experiences both times. It might have been because one was breakfast and one was lunch (so I was ordering off different menus), but we’ll get into that soon! The courtyard […]


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been able to stop after starting bowl of corn chips with salsa. I’m usually not satisfied until I’m using the salty crumbs from the bottom of the bag to scrape the last bits of salsa from the bowl.  This tummy friendly version doesn’t help the addiction […]


As the name suggests,  this place really is a good time! The interior is fun, colourful and light-filled which made it the perfect weekend brunch spot. I’ve visited this spot twice and there are plenty more dishes on the menu I’d be keen to try. Plus, you have the option for sparkling water with no […]


Hung-over Sundays often used to mean giving into temptation and ordering meal deals from Taco Bills. But while my head (and heart) were always on board, my stomach was not. Mexican is one of my favourites but it’s a hard cuisine to eat out since it’s full of hidden FODMAPS. This recipe has saved me […]


It all started with the allergies. When I was about 7 years old, my mum took me to an allergy specialist. On initial testing I was allergic to nuts, eggs, dust, pollen, grass, horses and cats * eye roll *. As if that wasn’t daunting enough for my parents, this was all added to my […]


Hey everyone! I’m Chlo. I was affectionately called “the allergy kid” growing up, but now I’ve graduated into an “allergy adult” – doing grown-up stuff like travelling, working full time, going out and eating out on the regular. Living with allergies and intolerances can be very challenging at times, but I’m here to help you […]