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After a freezing day out in the elements watching the local footy finals, a good happy hour and some snacks were in order! We wandered into Bang bang with hot chips on our minds but the tasty menu options stretched way beyond that. Its interior has a tropical vibe with indoor plants and palm leaf […]


Created by the same team as popular cafes “Left field” and “Plain sailing” there was plenty of hype about this new kid on the block. With wait lists of at least 20 mins at any given time on a busy weekend, my first visit was a highly anticipated one.  There is a lot jammed into […]


The Groundskeeper is on of the many new cafes popping up in my local area. I’ve been there twice now and have had quite different experiences both times. It might have been because one was breakfast and one was lunch (so I was ordering off different menus), but we’ll get into that soon! The courtyard […]


As the name suggests,  this place really is a good time! The interior is fun, colourful and light-filled which made it the perfect weekend brunch spot. I’ve visited this spot twice and there are plenty more dishes on the menu I’d be keen to try. Plus, you have the option for sparkling water with no […]