I haven’t had many falafels in my time as they are usually full of onion, garlic and far too many chickpeas for my stomach to handle. When I have, I love the taste and I love the option of a vegetarian lunch to add to the rotation so I tweaked the traditional recipe a little! […]


Is there anything more enticing that a big bowl of fresh herbs and crunchy veg? Didn’t think so. One of my summer staples that may not have many ingredients but it sure packs a flavour punch! Team it with my falafels, eat it on its own or add to your favourite wrap. INGREDIENTS 1/3 Cup […]


Store bought dips can be difficult to navigate for us with fructose malabsorption so I always opt to make my own. That way I don’t have to miss out and I find this tzatziki recipe far more tasty and fresh anyway! A few great, simple ingredients go a long way. INGREDIENTS 1 Cup of Natural […]


Kicked off the first day in Europe with some serious jet lag and a blaring body-clock alarm, waking me up at 5am. Considering we couldn’t sleep even if we wanted to, we decided to put on our walking shoes and make the most of our short time in Amsterdam. Exploring at that time of day […]


Sitting down to write about my Europe trip was hard. So many things I want to share with you all BUT let’s keep this simple. Here’s how I prepared for the best two months of my life – in list form. All of the packing essentials and planning tips to get you well and truly […]



I often spend my weekends trialling the new, trendy spots to hit the café scene so I have to be on my allergy “A game”. As I’m anaphylactic to nuts and have the added challenge of fructose malabsorption, I am one of those time consuming customers that most waiters would dread on a busy weekend. […]


For most people, eating out is a fun and relaxing experience but for people like me it can be quite daunting. No matter how diligent we are at informing cafes of our allergies, there comes a point where you have to hand over some control to the café. Trusting that they will take your request […]


Just when I thought winter was finally coming to an end, Melbourne decided to hit us with max temps of 10 degrees and a thunderstorm over the weekend! Safe to say I was not keen on venturing out of the house so I decided to make something to defrost and nourish my body. This minestrone […]


Whenever I pick up a café menu, I automatically skip past all of the sweet brekkie options and head to my menu comfort zone – “the savouries”. Muesli, pancakes and waffles never work for my stomach when eating out, but the one forbidden food I break my rule for is Granola. I’m happy to tell […]


Finding out you have allergies and/or intolerances is like starting a new job. A bit daunting at first and you get nervous heading into the office (the supermarket in our case), but once you’re all trained up, you are comfortable and capable to be left on your own. Food shopping for us ‘allergy adults’ is […]


The Groundskeeper is on of the many new cafes popping up in my local area. I’ve been there twice now and have had quite different experiences both times. It might have been because one was breakfast and one was lunch (so I was ordering off different menus), but we’ll get into that soon! The courtyard […]


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been able to stop after starting bowl of corn chips with salsa. I’m usually not satisfied until I’m using the salty crumbs from the bottom of the bag to scrape the last bits of salsa from the bowl.  This tummy friendly version doesn’t help the addiction […]


As the name suggests,  this place really is a good time! The interior is fun, colourful and light-filled which made it the perfect weekend brunch spot. I’ve visited this spot twice and there are plenty more dishes on the menu I’d be keen to try. Plus, you have the option for sparkling water with no […]


Hung-over Sundays often used to mean giving into temptation and ordering meal deals from Taco Bills. But while my head (and heart) were always on board, my stomach was not. Mexican is one of my favourites but it’s a hard cuisine to eat out since it’s full of hidden FODMAPS. This recipe has saved me […]